The objectives of our project are linked to other objectives of the program, which is the promotion ofEuropean values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union.

The objectives,although diverse, (due to the multiplicity of needs raised by each partner), are perfectly defined anddelimited and are considered realistic since they are based on a peer learning process and for eachof them there is at least one institution partner that offers a successful educational experience thatcan help the rest:

  • Form a tolerant attitude towards differences
  • Prevent bullying and verbal and physical violence at school-Train children in social skills and problem solving-
  • Work in values education (tolerance, respect, solidarity, ...)
  • Increase awareness of the differences between children being tolerant of them.
  • Create in cooperation with partners through digital tools and specific materials to work on values
  • Develop, among others, Person Dolls methodology.

Regarding the results:


  • Web page of the project-Power point of each institution (educational systems, schools)
  • Person Dolls training materials (DVD, teacher's manual)
  • E book, videos, short films with legos,playmobiles, dolls, ...
  • Questionnaires


  • Motivation for teachers and students
  • Exchange, analysis and evaluation of good practices-Internationalization of associated institutions
  • Ability of the staff-Adoption of methodologies and approaches for a more effective competition work
  • Improve the inclusion levels of children-Improvement in levels of acquisition of foreign languages and knowledge of the multiculturalism ofthe associated countries.
  • Improvement in ICT, work strategies and the curriculum ...The chosen priorities are in line with the objectives of our project: they involve the development ofjoint initiatives that promote cooperation, peer learning, the detection and exchange of goodpractices, the transfer of innovative educational practices and more effective approaches ... In this case to prevent bullying and violence in school and to improve the social skills of students. Inaddition, competition in foreign communication is encouraged. And all this, through a globalinternationalization strategy in cooperation with partners from other countries. Our project offers aninnovative and successful methodologies to prevent bullying from an early age.