My country

Portugal is a country of the Iberian Peninsula bathed by the Atlantic Ocean comprising a mainland and two autonomous regions: the Azores and Madeira. With its mild and temperate climate, Portugal joins a wide coastline to its picturesque countryside filled with mountains, forests and typical small villages. Despite being a small country, Portugal is known for its regions' cultural richness.

My city

Verdizela is a small quiet village located in Setúbal district, in the south-west of Portugal. It is a privileged area due to its proximity to the sea but also because it is near Mata dos Medos, a forest characterized by a wide biodiversity of plants and trees within the Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa de Caparica, a fossil cliff and protected landscape that frames the beautiful beaches from the region.

My school

Nestled amongst the Aroeira pine forest and with a total area of 25,000 m2, the Guadalupe College presents environmental and architectural conditions of excellency. From ages 3-18, our students have access to a diversified curriculum. With well-defined spaces and structures for Pre-school, Primary, Junior and Secondary School, the entire building was designed to promote sharing between older and younger students.