Bullying is a reality that occurs in schools in our countries.Due to work,people move more and morein Europe every year.Every year more children with different cultural and national backgrounds arriveto our schools.

When people from different cultures live together,there may be prejudices.It isimportant to increase children's awareness of differences and develop a tolerant attitude towarddifferences and be different.The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) (Article29), establishes that the education of the child will be directed to:

  • Develop respect for the cultural identity ,language and values of the student
  • Prepare the student for a responsible life as an adult in a free society in a spirit ofunderstanding, peace tolerance, equality.

Children begin to notice the difference between them and they develop attitudes towards people whoare differents.  It is possible to form a positive attitude of children towards differences.Intolerance andintimidation is a big problem around the world.  Preventing bullying requires tools and methods thatwork well, purpose of this project is to reduce the social gap between children.The reason whybullying is possible is because there is not enough tolerance,erroneous values, few socialskills.

Portuguese school is using the Person Dolls methodology for the prevention of bullying in earlyages.We want to continue developing the methodology and extend it to the primary school,also carryout the activities with other ICT tools and methods.

The experience of each of our institutionsregarding the prevention of bullying is essential for the project and to disseminate and extrapolate toother European schools. It is necessary to carry out the project activities through internationalcooperation.

Different countries have different problems and different experiences and policies, since their system they develop social skills for children and prevent bullying.

It is important to involve allpartners in the activities to implement them in schools.The materials produced at the end of theproject will be used for the training of other teachers.

The results of this project will offer a good opportunity for teachers to address these daily problems with children and also offers teachers methodological materials that ensure confidence and the opportunity to deal with the prevention of bullying.

Finally, for eradicating the bullying of our society, there is no better tool than theimplementation of different preventive measures based on pedagogical criteria, education andpromotion of attitudes and values contrary to violent and aggressive behavior or conflictual, typical ofharassment.

For this, all the participants that integrate the project must participate, since preventionrequires a multidisciplinary application that goes from the programming to the organization of theresources of each center.

Each partner will add value to the project through the different activitiesexplained in the timetable.