This project "From violence to coexistence" involves 5 partners from different European countries, both the number and the profile of the partners have been carefully chosen to get the best posible results in the project. Through this project we will develop a methodology of Person Dolls in Europe. Through this network teachers from different parts of Europe will have the opportunity to participate in the methodological training of Person Dolls and will receive teacher training materials.

On the other hand, we have used ICT to make short films and other motivational activities to combat different types of bullying and intimidation, since the main objective of this project is to prevent bullying with children aged 3-12. During the development of the project, students will be aware of the differences that exist between people, how to solve problems peacefully, analyze situations of daily life and learn to solve different conflictive situations. Students will also acquire the skills, understand

the difference between good and bad behavior, develop values and at the same time be aware of the values of others.

Through the activities of the project, they will pre-emptively develop tolerance, empathy and positive attitude towards differences, such as other nationalities, other cultures, different appearances, children with special needs, different social contexts ... Therefore, social skills of students improve and their attitude in school as well. In addition to the presentations of the educational system of each country, how values are supported in each school, prevention of bullying and social skills development, we will carry out:

  • Workshops / seminars of the Person Doll methodology to later be able to train other interested teachers.
  • Activities with this methodology: videos, stories
  • Questionnaires for students and people involved in the project
  • Activities using ICT (digital game, digital book, short-film, mannequin challenge ...)
  • Skype connections between students from different countries.

Among the expected results would be:

Method Doll Person Doll (DVD).

  • Training materials for dissemination of the methodology
  • Digital books.
  • Dance.

This project is very useful because:

  • Increase the child's sense of equity and the development of a feeling of empathy
  • Increase self-esteem in students
  • Recognize that the difference enriches us and is positive
  • The project involves not only the students, but the family, adults ... working together the different values worked on the project.